Johannes Schwarz
Johannes Schwarz





Ensemble Modern

z.Hd. Johannes Schwarz

Schwedlerstr. 2-4

60314 Frankfurt


Ensemble Modern:


Sascha Armbruster / Johannes Schwarz ---saxophone, bassoon, electronics/video

The musical artists Johannes Schwarz (bassoons) and Sascha Armbruster (saxophones) who are both specialized in contemporary music join forces for the first time as a duo. 

Both Johannes and Sascha have played and interpreted pieces in their solo programs, which are highly influenced by the use of synthesized music. Having this common background they have integrated electronic music into their program as a central theme. 

The high standard and freshness of soundspaces is enhanced by the inclusion of live-electronic and live-sampling straight into the live improvisations.

The electronic sound-system was exclusive developed at the ZKM in Karlsruhe and the  ICST (Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology Zürich).


Actually until june soundspaces is recording all pieces in surround-sound-quality at the electronical studio ZKM in Karlsruhe.  The CD will be official finished in 2013.

soundspaces has ordered compositions since 6/2010.

The composers were commissioned to use all technical and virtuos possibilities concerning the instrumental part. On the other side the actual newest electronical technique should be used to challenge this exceptional combination by live-electronic and special room-sound-conceptions up to abstract video-projections.


soundspaces wants to present the actual newest processing of composition, using this particular duo-combination. It´s intended to use the form of "work in progress" and we can present until now a whole evening-program with following works:


Alfred Zimmerlin:     Sènes  (19`)

Gary Berger:         Raumfalter  (10`)

Orm Finnendahl:     Hören Und Sehen  (5x3`)

Sascha Dragicevic:     Symbiosen  (22`)

Steingrimur Rohloff:     Druck  (11`)


further incoming compositions for 2014:


Johannes Schöllhorn:        NN

Steffen Schleiermacher:   Arbeit

Gary Berger:              Raumfalter (Version 2)


The soundspaces - program can be expanded by some solo-pieces for saxophone or bassoon, even with electronic. Please contact us for further informations.