Johannes Schwarz

Bassoon, Contraforte

coming soon (Oktober 2022): new solo-CD

"kurzes leben 1.0"

works for bassoon solo, some with electronics:

Berio: "Sequenza", Vassos Nicolaou: "Vertices" and "Recent 1/0/0/0"

Perikles Liakakis: "TraumTanzTrance", Matthias S. Krüger: "trace lumineuse 1"

Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf: "Kurzes Leben 1 für Fagott und Flügel"

NEW:  Podcast mit Frank Gratkowski

/ ensemble modern "checkpoint-concert" vom 31.03.22

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last CD:



new compositions for bassoon, saxophone and electronics

with Sascha Armbruster, saxophones

Sebastian Schottke, sounddesign

special guest: Paul Frick


.... in 4/2020 at the longlist of "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik"


How to make reeds in 12 minutes.....


Ensemble Modern






Solo-performance at Plein Theater Amsterdam (6.10.2019):

E. Poppe (Holz) and P. Billone (Edre 2) for solo-bassoon


BERIO, Sequenza XII for bassoon

at Festival 20/21 Bach and Berio, (13.10.2019) in Leuven (Belgium)


music-theatre, solo-performance  "UNA SOLO"

here: (FR-Kritik Trailer

cpncerts at Mousonturm Frankfurt, Festival Hellerau

(look at:

all bassoon-sounds recorded, look at :

more informations,  the last Blog (German)....


Marcus Antonius Wesselmann: "Solo 10" for basson

Neos music